I’ve been privileged to see many beautiful places in my life. An ocean breeze, a clear blue sky, or the mist drifting off a waterfall can immediately lift my mood, reduce my stress and remind me of my small part in this grand universe.

Here are a few natural scenes that stand out in my mind.

The purple sky during sunset, the breeze rustling the palm trees and the gentle waves lapping against the sandy shore make Hawaii perhaps the most idyllic place I’ve ever spent time.

Maui, Hawaii

I have a thing for colorful sunsets. When I lived in Philly, I…

History will remember 2020 as the exception, not the norm.

2020 was an objectively turbulent year. In January Australia burned, Iran shot down a passenger plane and Kobe Bryant tragically passed away. In February the World Health Organization officially coined the term “COVID-19,” and the stock market plunged.

By March the magnitude of the pandemic became clear as schools moved online, major sporting events were cancelled and businesses closed their doors. The death toll would climb to over 300,000 by the end of the year, with millions unemployed and well over 100,000 businesses closed permanently.

Graphic credit to USA Today

2020 wasn’t all bad, of…

Slaying the Debt Beast with Small Habits

A tiny snowball starts at the top of the hill. Powerless and insignificant, it begins its gentle descent. Slowly but surely, the snowball grows. It takes on size, and it takes on speed. By the time it reaches the end of the slope, it has become a mighty, unstoppable avalanche.

Eleven. That’s how many college football teams have made the playoff in its seven year history.

Total playoff games by team

There are 130 eligible teams. Yet a small handful of programs have monopolized the playoff. For example, Clemson has made the playoff for six years in a row. Likewise, Alabama has been invited for six of the last seven years. Oklahoma, Ohio State and Notre Dame have also enjoyed multiple bids.

Unless the playoff expands to eight, the Group of Five are functionally eliminated before the season starts. Is it possible a juggernaut UCF or Boise State might crash the party one day? …

Chapter 1: The Attack

I remember the windows rattling. As a child in the suburb of Edmond, about 15 miles north of downtown, our house shook with the blast. The story would draw international headlines: the most deadly terrorist attack on American soil, a title it would hold for six years. Terror had come to Oklahoma City.

The aftermath of the attack, April, 1995.

Today, a beautiful museum stands on the site of the blast, chronicling the attack, the apprehension of the terrorist and remembering the lives lost. …

“May your hats fly as high as your dreams.” — Michael G. Scott

How to Afford Law School: 9 Bold Strategies

Young lawyers face unprecedented levels of debt. In some cases, this debt prevents graduates from pursuing the jobs they desire and even delays major life milestones like homeownership or starting a family. Young lawyers regularly report deep anxiety related to their debt.

The student debt crisis is complex. I took a stab at solving the problem here, but this piece is about how YOU as an individual can reduce your expenses before, during and after law school and vanquish the Debt Beast.

Here Be Dragons:

First things first, there are some law…


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